Not Your Typical Adventure

adventure job

I’m sure you keep coming back and reading my blog because you want to hear about a new exciting adventure in a strange, exotic location.  Well, this particular post is not about the type of adventure you’re probably thinking of.  I was speaking with an old friend the other day and, as we were catching up on each other’s lives,  he informed me that he had decided to make a career change.  He had quit his job as an accountant in a large firm, went back to school, and decided he wanted to be the best HVAC contractor Birmingham has to offer.  Apparently, he was sick and tired of sitting at a desk in a cubicle all day and liked to get his hands dirty.  He knew a little bit about his air conditioner and was able to do minor service jobs on it, but everything else about heating ventilation and cooling was all new to him.

So it got me thinking about how he decided to just give up his stable and steady job, throw caution to the wind, and jump headfirst into something he knew very little about.  Talk about adventure.  Just like the time I took an underwater passage off an island in the Pacific, the results of my actions could have been catastrophic, but actually turned out amazing when I ended up in this ridiculously beautiful underwater cave.  With any adventure, the unknown is part of the attraction, and getting to the end result is the best part.  So my friend is still looking for a job at this point in time, but I’m sure he will land a position with a great company in the very near future.  If not, I’m sure he will embark on another adventure.

While making a major life change is one adventure, the journey to self discovery is another.  Learning about how you handle the stress of not having a job to support yourself or your family, seeing how you respond to a complete change in your daily activity, and letting yourself learn a completely new thing…what a great adventure!  Have you ever considered doing something extremely drastic, like changing careers after 20+ years, or selling all of your possessions so you can go hike across the country?

So while this post wasn’t about the typical adventure, hopefully it inspires you to find the adventures in everything you do, even boring stuff like brushing your teeth or going to work.