Must Have Road Trip Items


Road trips are a fun way to explore the country. America is best seen by road as there are endlessly expansive highways and rich scenery throughout the country. To have the best time on any excursion you need to be prepared. When it’s hot in Alabama, get ac repair Birmingham to keep cool, and keep your cool on the road by being prepared.  Here are several must have items that you need for your next adventure.


Healthy Snacks – You’re going to get hungry between destinations, and you’re going to want to feel satisfied and energized. Eat healthy snacks such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, and energy bars to feel full and avoid wasting time on fast food. Pre-peel, cut, and prepare fruits and vegetables if needed too, avoiding messy and sticky accidents while driving. It’s also smart to try homemade oat cookies, or home blended trail mixes. This gives you something to look forward to for long drives but is still relatively healthy.


Flashlight  – A flashlight is always handy. It’s also one of those things that you realize you need when you don’t have it. Avoid learning it the hard way and keep a flashlight with a strong beam and full battery. A rechargeable battery that charges via USB is best.


Sunscreen – Even if it’s cloudy outside, you still need sunscreen to keep safe from powerful UV rays. In fact, sometimes cloudy days can cause even worse sunburn because the light fills in shadows more than direct sunlight. Prevent skin cancer and painful sunburn, make sure to wear sunscreen.


Extra water – It’s surprisingly easy to become dehydrated, if you’re thirsty you are already dehydrated. WHen you are dehydrated you can become irritable and cranky quickly, be good to your body and carmates, drink plenty of water.


Phone battery charger – It’s a worthwhile investment to spend 10 bucks to keep a portable usb phone charger in your car. Your phone can of course look up directions and call for help, but it’s useless if it’s dead. So keep a cheap usb charger in your glove compartment to be safe.


Paper maps – Cell phone service doesn’t penetrate every inch of the earth, yet. So be prepared for a lack of service and make sure to have some physical paper maps with you as well. Getting lost is never fun, so keep a couple folded maps in your car just in case.


Candles – If you ever find yourself stuck, candles make a great way to provide some extra light and warmth without taking up a lot of space. It will make your car cozy while you wait for a tow, or could even make an impromptu date more special.


By no means is this comprehensive, but a good starting point for any road trip packing list!