Build Out a Van! – Day Trip/ Weekend Mobile!

Remember when ‘staycations’ where popular? Me neither. There was a brief fad in the mid 2010’s and then they were rightfully forgotten. Staying home to take care of yourself is a great thing to do occasionally, but vacation days are valuable! These days everyone wants to share photographs from cool locations on social media. But you don’t need to use those hard earned vacations day to see great stuff. With a campervan you can get the most from your weekend and explore the world in short trips. Here are three reasons why a campervan makes for the perfect weekend mobile to get the most from your days off.


  1. No vacancy? No problem. With a campervan you can sleep with the comforts of home like a bed, lights, and even running water, but anywhere you want. There lots of interesting hikes, attractions, and special events worth traveling to, but they don’t always have lodging accommodations near by. And if they do, they can be pricey depending on the area. With a van fit for your needs you open yourself up to new opportunities. What would be a busy and long day trip can turn into a slow paced and relaxing two day get-away.
  2. You’ll also be saving time and money with the van too. When going to national parks or other camping destinations, you’ll have no tent to pitch or other annoying camping chores either, giving you more time to spend at your destination. Most campervans can easily accommodate a simple propane stove as well, allowing you to cook homemade meals while on the road, avoiding costly and unhealthy fast-food.
  3. Make friends while on the road. With a campervan you can easily park and camp on a variety of locations, however, it’s very common for certain locations to become popular, like public land or state parks. When other campervans are sharing a space, it can become easy to mingle and meet others. If privacy is what you want, that’s definitely available too. But if you want to make friends with other people with similar interests, then the community of campervans may be appealing to you.


That doesn’t mean campervans are perfect, it does take some getting used to being in such a small space. That’s why it’s ideal for weekend trips; it’s enough time to see some new sights, make memories, and have new experiences but then want to be home again. So look into either buying or building your own campervan to explore your area and squeeze the most fun from your weekends.