So, you crave adventure, do you?  Forget about trips to Paradise, Caribbean cruises, flying lessons, the wild west and and white-water rafting.  A real adventure is a challenging one.  There’s no adventure like remodeling your home.  

I know from experience what it takes to remodel a home.  When I was eight, my parents got the wild idea to move to the country.  We found an old two-story home for sale on three acres.  It was a beautiful Autumn day.  The sun was warm, the breeze cool.  There was an apple tree on the property and we sat under the shade of a Willow tree on a wooden swing and ate fresh-picked apples and spoke of how this was the perfect setting to call home. There were two walnut trees and a place for a large garden.  They say people don’t make a buying decision based on facts or need, they buy based on emotion.  And what a beautiful setting!  Did I mention that?

My parents never considered the old farmhouse with its checkerboard linoleum kitchen, white wooden cupboards, wall-paper throughout and outdatedness!  They were excited. Let the remodeling begin!Image result for farmhouse on a hillFirst, they had kitchen cabinets installed.  But before that, they had to rip out the entire kitchen, install new flooring, updated windows, doors, lighting and the like.  My dad did most of it with Mom and I helping.  We mostly helped clean-up.  Once the cabinets were in, my mom proudly cleaned and shined them.  Afterward, Dad tackled the ceiling.  There had been an old flu in the corner  that had been stuffed with sixty year old plaster.  Once exposed, it came crashing down with dust filling the kitchen.  I still remember Mom’s tears leaving little trails down the dust covering her face.  Adventure.  That’s what you get when you do it yourself.  Then, came wood-grain paneling.  It was 1970 after all anImage result for old fashioned kitchen cabinetsd they wanted to be modern.  The whole house looked like That 70’s Show.

My dad figured it out as he went.  After about twenty years, guess what?  They remodeled again. I’m glad I was grown and gone.  This time though, Dad had contractors do most of it.  I guess he’d had enough adventure.

As the years went by, the apple tree died, Dad cut down the walnut trees, the swing under the weeping willow tree collapsed and we were too busy remodeling to enjoy the few nice days in the Autumns.  My parents often joked that the Realtor probably tied the apples to that old tree with string.  That house is filled with memories and most involve manual labor.

After I’d left for the Air Force, my parents and younger siblings went on real adventures: Niagara Falls, Washington D.C. Atlantic beaches and the like.  But me?  I learned enough about remodeling to let professionals do it.  Just call Birmingham Home Remodeling Services.  An adventure is best enjoyed away from home.

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